Local Attractions

Your senses will be awakened with the wonderful scenery and landscapes that the local area has to offer. Kilkee with its cosy cafes, bustling restaurants and pubs is a great base to travel along the Wild Atlantic Way and discover the wonders of County Clare.



Loophead Peninsula

With dramatic sea cliffs flanking the north side of the peninsula, and the softer shores of the Shannon estuary on the south side, it makes for two very different landscapes.

In 2010, the Loop Head peninsula was awarded a European Destinations of Excellence Award, which is an EU accolade for emerging tourism destinations which are developing in a responsible and sustainable manner. In 2013, Loop Head was named the “Best Place to Holiday in Ireland” by The Irish Times and was shortlisted in the Best Destination category at the World Responsible Tourism awards. The Loop Head Peninsula is the only Irish destination listed in the 2014 Global Sustainable Top 100 Destinations and in 2015 took the Gold medal at the Irish Responsible Tourism Awards.

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Kilkee is situated on Moore Bay – a beautiful horse-shoe shaped bay, the entrance of which is protected by a stunning reef known as Duggerna Rocks.

Enjoy stunning walks along the Kilkee Cliffs. Passing the Pollock Holes, the quartz-filled Diamond Rocks and a natural stone amphitheatre formed by the waves this breath-taking walk is a must do.


Our wonderful staff are always on hand to guide you to make the most of your time in Kilkee.


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